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Me with a copy of my book!
Gregory Aarestad showing me his Devil.May.Care book report poster.

A reader with her copy of Devil.May.Care.

         Reading one of my poems at a poetry slam at Denver Academy.

Doing a book signing for some Caliche Jr./Sr. High School students. 

Leading reading/writing activities with students.

My second-grade teacher, Bill Boettcher, who typed up and published some of my first stories.

The following videos are from presentations at Caliche Junior/Senior High School.

A poster for an author workshop I participated in at a local school.

My first picture book was titled "The Six Ladybugs" and was written when I was about 6 years old. Please note that babs=babies and youg=young. Also, please note that the number of baby ladybugs in the first picture (7) is decreased by 2 in the closeup on the next page. I'm not sure if ladybugs eat their young or if this was a sign that I would be cursed with mathematical issues for the rest of my days. . .

The book Fun Stories was typed up and "published" by my second-grade teacher, Bill Boettcher.