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#50 Precious Words

Hi, all! Here's my 2020 #50 Precious Words entry, in memory of my father and the garden he kept with his grandkids. This spring won't be the same without him, but my daughter saved some seeds from the last watermelon he gave us before he passed. I'm honored to have won 7th place for this entry.

by Jolene Gutiérrez

A seed sprouts in spring!
We tend the garden, Grandpa and I.
Asparagus, grapes, tomatoes.
Curly-vined watermelon.

Grandpa’s strong hands squeeze my shoulders,
point at tender okra,
expose burrowing toads.

And then, Grandpa is gone.

Last asparagus, last grapes, last tomatoes.
The last watermelon.

a seed sprouts in spring.

I won 2nd place in the fabulous Vivian Kirkfield's #50 Precious Words contest in 2019! Here's my entry:

by Jolene Gutiérrez 

The men took Papi back to Mexico,
so Mamá makes tortillas for two, not three.

I wait by the window,
watching, wondering:
Will Papi come home?
And if Mamá gets taken, will I be alone?

Solamente uno,
tortillas for one.

Image result for tortillas on table

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